Jeremy Scott: Success w/ Social Couponing

Gangplank Chandler welcomed Gangplank regular and leader Jeremy Scott on August 6th, 2014 for our weekly Brownbag. He shared with us what his company, Bonanza Educational learned while running social couponing campaign this spring and summer for their LEGO Science and Creativity Summer Camps.

Watch it here:

And here are the slides:

Editor’s Note: As the GP Content Team grows, we are still getting people into place to write these. This week, I had the awkward duty of writing about myself. Yes, this recap is about my own talk. I tried to be objective, promise!

A lot of people were excited for this one. Overall, the day-to-day Gangplank community didn’t know much about how these social coupons worked, while others saw the value for our extended Gangplanker family…

Overall the community highlighted some interesting points from Jeremy’s talk.

For instance, on the what and why of Social Coupons:

The benefits and drawbacks to the advertisers:

He wasn’t afraid to point out the known ‘horror stories’:

And he talked about things he learned about marketing in general as part of his foray into social couponing:

During Q&A, the audience asked many questions, including Q: “what you do it differently next year, if anything?” A: “yes, variation in offering between the different networks”, and Q: “Do the networks validate you as a company to determine that you can offer what you promise, are upstanding, etc?” A: “No, but they reached out to us initially after we’d developed a great reputation on”.

Next week is Dan Chouinard discussing his company’s green building materials! 12pm, Wednesday, August 13th, at GP Chandler!

Dan and Sue Ellen Chouinard have created a process using recycled plastic bottles, styrofoam and other materials to create innovative super strong building materials. Earth Friendly Building Materials, the company in Tempe has been an Arizona company specializing in green buildings before it became a buzz word.

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