The Rules of Nerf Blaster Safety



1. Treat every blaster as if it’s not loaded.

Check the blaster by pointing at the nearest person and pulling the trigger. Hoard Nerf darts even if you’re sure your blaster is full.

2. Always point a blaster at anyone or anything you are willing to pwn.

If someone is present and you have a blaster in your hand, it is your duty to aim upon said person.

3. Never be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

You are not responsible for the entire path of every dart you fire from your gun.  If you hit your intended target, high-five! If you hit an unintended target, high-five!

4. Keep your finger on the trigger when a blaster is in your hand.

Never “index” your trigger finger.  This means to keep your trigger finger straight, and to raise it up to rest flat alongside the body of your blaster. Just don’t. Even when you are not on target and ready to fire, your trigger finger should always be inside the trigger guard and never resting straight, flat alongside the body of your blaster. Every year, 1.8 million Nerf-owning Americans miss a perfect opportunity to nail some punk like right in the face.

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