Arizona Trail in a Day

On Saturday October 6, 2018, hikers, runners, mountain bikers and equestrians will gather on the Arizona National Scenic Trail (AZT) to collectively complete the entire length of the 800-mile trail in a single day.

The trail has been divided into nearly 100 sections, ranging from 2.1 to 13.8 miles in length. Individuals will have 24 hours to complete their portion of trail.

The AZT passes through 8 wilderness areas, and 2 national parks. This means a few hearty participants will need to stage themselves in these areas at least a day before the actual event to be ready to complete their portion on October 6. Along with several access points that require 4-wheel drive or high clearance, and Arizona’s rugged terrain and climate, participants will need to be well prepared, and plan ahead.

Gangplank will leading Section 29 Florence-Kelvin Road TH to Kelvin Bridge

We will meet at Gangplank Queen Creek at 8:00am and carpooling to the Florence Kelvin Trailhead.  We will be starting the hike at the trail head at 9:30am.  This is an easy 2.1 mile point to point hike.  4.2 mile if choosing round trip.  Run it, walk it, all abilities welcome.

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