Thirst Quenching Brew, Lessons Learned, and Community Potlucks

Can You Hack It? Thirst Quenching

June’s theme for the monthly Can You Hack It challenge was Thirst Quenching. Here are the entries for this month:

Ginger Beer (Everyone Wins)

The winning entry was home-brewed ginger beer, submitted by John Whiteside. This was John’s first attempt at home-brewing and was an overall success. When the first bottle was opened, everyone in the room got a surprise taste-test of the brew.

Six-pack Carrier

The other entry was of course beer related, made by Mike Benner (refriedchicken). This carrier was made from interlocking wood pieces, cut out using an X-carve, and braided paracord for the handle.

Learning over Expertise

The two entries for the Can You Hack It? challenge are great examples of Gangplank’s “Learning over Expertise” value. The first-time brewer, John, learned how much carbonation is too much, while the community learned to open new brews outdoors in the future. Mike also learned some ways to refine projects when using the X-carve, such as how to accommodate for warps in boards.

Initiative Spotlight: Health

A majority of the Gangplank Queen Creek members coincidentally decided to reduce the amount of take-out we order. As an alternative, we decided to start doing community potlucks. This has helped us each save money, not overstuff ourselves, and eat healthier meals throughout the week.

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