Kieran Thompson: Funding a Local Film w/ Kickstarter

Gangplank Chandler welcomed Kieran Thompson on July 28th, 2014 for our weekly Brownbag. He shared with us his personal experience with using the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform to fund the production of his local, feature film: Broken Leg.

Watch it here:

You can also follow along with Kieran’s visuals on his Kickstarter page, now over two years old.

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Disability as a Catalyst

Wired Magazine calls Asperger’s Syndrome “The Geek Syndrome”. Bram Cohen, founder of Bit Torrent, often talks about Asperger’s as a catalyst for his success. STEM Force Technology is a local for-profit social impact company that hires individuals with Asperger’s in the STEM fields. Learn how individuals with Asperger’s, and Autism Spectrum Disorders, have shaped the field of technology and how creating pathways for underserved populations benefits individuals and the marketplace.

Garret Westlake is the founder of STEM Force Technology. He is also the Director of the Disability Resource Center for Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus, and a faculty associate in the College of Technology and Innovation where he teaches in the Technological Entrepreneurial Management program.

American Red Cross

Nicole Underwood of the American Red Cross Grandy Canyon Chapter, discusses how the American Red Cross helps with disasters, and specifically how the organization is community focused, driven, and supported. From volunteers, to donations, to outreach, with longevity in the US and AZ (almost 100 years!) American Red Cross’ humanitarian mission is a reflection of the needs our community has.

History to the People

Cali and Brianna are history doctoral students at Arizona State University who passionately believe that history should be accessible to all and that historical thinking is both relevant and highly in demand in the twenty-first century.

To address these needs, they are in the early stages of planning a website — — with a tentative launch date of February 1, 2012. This website will provide a forum in which a non-academic audience can obtain scholarly historical information that maintains its high academic standards and yet is directed specifically toward a public audience. Thus, blog posts, videos, and other media will emphasize application and the historical thinking behind the material. As well as a legitimate and accessible source of information, they envision as a vehicle promoting historical interest and conversation, a place in which people can ask questions, consider new ideas, and engage in a dialogue about history and the role of historical thinking in our daily lives.