Networking Gangplank

Yes, we saw the tweets. We heard the complaints. We know – the Gangplank wifi has sucked.

Part of it was waiting for the project rooms to be done in order for us to move the server out of the temporary space and allow for more permanent wiring in the main space. Another part was the sheer cost of hundreds of feet of cable, ports, and switches.

Thankfully, our anchors stepped up, donating funds and time to build the Gangplank network.

A tremendous huzzah to Will Bradley and HeatSync Labs, whose members volunteered over several weekends and weekday evenings to pull cable, install ports and climb into the dusty rafters of Gangplank to maximize our network. Without their generous donation of their time, all the equipment would still be sitting in a corner.

Volunteers needed ASAP

With the completion of the project rooms in the back of the current space, Gangplank will need to move out of the temporary space we are occupying in Suite 3. That means the podcasting studio and HeatSync Labs will need to be moved this week. For those of you who have seen these rooms, you know this is no small feat – especially in 3 days.

So…help us out!

Come out tonight beginning at 6pm to help us move. Who knows – perhaps the evening will end with a few beers at San Tan ;-)

School supply drive over!

Remember your first day of school when you couldn’t wait to show off your new GIJoe or Barbie folder and pencil box? Or those times you would leap off the school bus, excited to parade your latest art project in front of your parents? Unfortunately, more and more children are missing out on those special moments as the result of these hard economic times. Parents facing long-term unemployment or under-employment are forced to send their kids to school without the necessary supplies, depending on shrinking school budgets to provide for their children.

Back in June, we asked Gangplank members and the local community to step up and ease the burden on Chandler families and schools. Gangplank Jr hosted a School Supply Drive, with a goal of 100 donated backpacks.

This week, 43 fully-stocked backpacks were picked up by the Chandler Unified School District. We may not have reached our goal of 100 backpacks, but the backpacks that were donated have all the students will need for the upcoming year.

Backpacks lined up, ready to go!

A mix of superheroes, Hannah Montana, plaid, black, blue and every color in between, each backpack was filled with supplies for the upcoming year. Donations of glue sticks, scissors, folders, paper and pencils flooded in over the six-week drive. No one that walked through the doors of Gangplank could miss the ever growing pile of backpacks that gathered by the front door and began taking over the large front window.

Getting loaded up by the Chandler Unified School District.

Thank you to everyone that donated backpacks and supplies. Due to your efforts 43 students can concentrate on their school work and succeeding in the classroom, instead of worrying about how they will be able to afford the paper to work on.

Barely able to fit all of them!

Process Mapping Live Blog

Today’s brownbag on ‘Process Mapping’ by Nathan Eskue, will be live blogged beginning at noon. You will be able to ask questions and follow real-time updates.

Gangplank Wish List

Transferring a 60 person office is never easy – but with the help of more than 30 Gangplank members, we were able to get everything moved to the new space in one day. Thank you to everyone that braved 115 degree heat to help us move, and came back again on Saturday to help organize.

If you weren’t able to help out during the move, there are other ways you can contribute to Gangplank 3.0. A new space means new needs, and we are currently looking for certain items to be donated.

Check out the Gangplank Wish List below. Email Katie Charland if you would like to donate.

  • Full audio set-up (2.1 system preferred; individual pieces are awesome as well)
  • IKEA desks (Galant, black-brown with silver A-legs; 63′)
  • Networking hardware
  • Router
  • Power over ethernet switch
  • Desk/Office chairs
  • Blackout curtains (10 feet long, 3-5 feet wide panels; talk to Katie about color)
  • Batteries (AA, AAA)
  • Extra water dispenser

Ignite Phoenix Developer #3 Update

Due to a low number of submissions, Ignite Phoenix Developer #3 has been canceled.  We apologize to the individuals who submitted, but we didn’t want to half-ass an event. We will be planning another developer event in the near future, so keep watching our blog, facebook page and twitter for updates.

In the meantime, developers come join us at Gangplank for Hacknight each Wednesday from 6pm to whenever the energy drinks run out. This is an opportunity to share what you’ve been working on and ideas you have with a community of like-minded individuals. Perhaps a new venture or project will come of it. You’ll only know if you come participate.

Gangplank 3.0 Status Update

It’s summer in Phoenix.

While lounging next to the pool we know you are staring into your glass of frosty beverage and asking yourself.. When is Gangplank Moving?

Well here’s an update on the move: The hardest part is done.  The paperwork and all the legal stuff is handled.  Just sorting out some details.. you know dotting the i’s and crossing the sabers.

Everything is on track, we don’t have a definitive move date yet.. but it’s getting closer. In the meantime, look at this picture below; close your eyes and imagine a new building facade and 10ft signage of the Gangplank skull hanging over Arizona Ave in Downtown Chandler. And See that new fire hydrant.. that’s cause they are widening the sidewalks out front, patio anyone?

GP Community Charity

Last Summer we did a food drive and fed over 10,000 PHX families in the height of the recession.

What should we do next?

Taking ideas for awesome ways to give back. Would like something that we can get the creative class/local agencies involved in as well. Please submit ides in comments below.

Gangplank @ Unlimited

We are proud to announce our second remote location.  We have had a ton of great feedback on Gangplank @ NEXT.  We continue to try to provide a taste of Gangplank for those not in close proximity to enjoy Gangplank HQ in Chandler on a regular basis.  Starting this Tuesday we will be having Gangplank @ Unlimited located at Unlimited Coffee 714 East Glendale, Phoenix Arizona.  Please join @chasers and @unlimitedcoffee to help show your support.  Gangplank @ Unlimited will occur EVERY TUESDAY and we will continue Gangplank @ Next EVERY THURSDAY.  We are still working on additional locations, so be patient if we are still too far for you… ; )