Gangplank is about engagement – not only connecting creators with each other, but with the community. Our Initiatives are run entirely by passionate volunteers that seek to educate and impact our community.

All Gangplank initiatives are based on five core values:

  • Encouraging Chaos – Programs should push participant comfort levels, encourage innovation and challenge social norms
  • Economic Development – Retain and grow talent as well as contribute back to the surround community
  • Create – Build, design, make; work on a project utilizing your creativity
  • Educate – Be ready to share your skills, as well as be willing to learn a new one
  • Collaborate – Programs encourage interaction, as opposed to isolation

Gangplank Academy Gangplank believes in exploring new models for continuing education, including modern content, workforce replacement programs, and corporate training. Gangplank Academy offers non-traditional courses for participants who wish to expand their knowledge in areas such as business, technology, arts & humanities, and topics for personal growth.

Gangplank Business  Gangplank’s roots are in encouraging entrepreneurship and small business development. Gangplank prides itself in growing the future business leaders of tomorrow.

Gangplank Facilities We are a collaborative workspace and a community center. Our open workspace is free of physical or cultural barriers to promote sharing ideas, questions, and passions. We strive to be innovative in our creative reuse of older buildings in redevelopment areas. Our facilities are designed to be flexible. The same facility can be rearranged for a variety of events to accommodate the community. Gangplank facilities initiative members assist with security, wifi, scheduling, and maintenance.

Gangplank Junior You don’t have to be an adult to be a Gangplanker. Gangplank Junior exists to allow students to learn and explore with the freedom to fail. The program takes education back to its roots, encouraging real world, hands on learning with experienced professionals.

Gangplank Labs We are all born creators. Gangplank Labs is a place for those working on hardware-based projects to collaborate, solve problems, teach, learn and just have a good time while using our hands and mind.

Gangplank Local An important part of the Gangplank mission is to support the local community. We provide an innovative approach to civic engagement through partnering with municipalities and empowering residents to grow as leaders. Gangplank members often sit on local boards, as well as serve an advisory role for city officials.

Gangplank Health Running a business and pursuing your passions often means putting your health on the back burner. Gangplank Health encourages healthy choices, providing programs and resources for Gangplankers to stay healthy and run their businesses better.

Gangplank Studios The studios initiative strives to build culture and vibrancy in cities, creating a space that is more than a place to work, but to live. Additionally, Gangplank studios goes to the creative core of people and connects artists, musicians and creators to explore, have fun, and express themselves.