Our weekly brownbag series invites leaders to share their successes, challenges and advice with our community. The brownbags attract anywhere from 20-50 participants from a wide range of backgrounds: entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, government officials, and nonprofits. Since the brownbags occur right at noon, we’d love to have you sponsor a lunch.

Lunch sponsorshop will provide you with an opportunity to have your business or product announced before and after the brownbag presentation. In addition, you will:

  • Be able to hand out promotional material during event
  • Receive a small foldout sign on the lunch table with your logo (click for visual)

We also have a brownbag video sponsorship available, for which your logo will be put at the front of each YouTube Brownbag video for the month of your sponsorship. You can view a visual example of the video sponsorship here (PDF).

The lunch sponsorship is $250/month, with a max of 3 per calendar year.

The brownbag video sponsorship is $100/month, with a minimum 3-month commitment.

To move forward with sponsorship, please email info@gangplankhq.com.