Gangplank Jr Comic Create Event

This weekend we have a special Gangplank Jr event scheduled.  We have teamed up with Phoenix Comicon to host a Comic Create event.  Kids 5 to 15 show up and learn from the comic masters!  Published comic illustrators/authors will be on site giving an overview on the process and techniques to make a comic book.  Every kid will then go through the steps to create their own comic book.  As a bonus this event will be at the new Gangplank location in downtown Chandler.


I collected over 20,000 comic books (and still have them) when I was a kid.  I wanted to be a Stan Lee more than anything.  I’m not sure I have ever given up that dream, but I hope to experience a little of it this weekend with my kids.  Hopefully, you have similar fond memories and will be bringing your kid(s).