Community Builders – The Future of Gangplank

Gangplank emerged from our desire to grow an amazing community of creative people and transform our city. Throughout the lifetime of Gangplank it has changed to adapt to new situations and rise to new challenges. As Gangplank continues to expand both in size and influence it is time to transform ourselves once again.

In the past, we have had titles such as Director or Anchor. Unfortunately those words have become bogged down in Authority, Entitlement, and Exclusivity. Gangplank has long valued decentralization of authority, openness, and sharing. The idea of establishing positions of leadership based on a title is an anathema to the ideals we seek to follow. Leaders of Gangplank are those who are building, growing, investing in the community. Leaders of Gangplank act with Intention and Integrity.

The future of Gangplank is the Community Builders.

The Community Builders is an authentic community committed to growing Gangplank communities. It is a model of the Gangplank way of leading, following, organizing, and participating.

To join the Community Builders you agree to live the Gangplank Manifesto and follow the Core Commitments.

  • The Gangplank Manifesto [1] defines our vision and our values. It describes why Gangplank exists as well as our core beliefs that define our culture.
  • The Core Commitments [2] are the constitution that gives us a common reference and shared commitment to each other.

If you want to engage with Gangplank at a deeper level, if you want to build better communities, the Community Builders is for you.

To take the next step, email