0-60 in 90 days with Date Designer

Beau Frusetta shares his start-up experience working within the Gangplank Incubator. Beau’s web app, DateDesigner helps you build a better date.

The Gangplank Academy hosts discussions from local experts, entreprenuers, and creatives every Wednesday at 11:45pm (lunch hour).  Free admission, stay all afternoon into the evening for Hacknight.

First Gangplank product launch … DateDesigner.com

Congratulations to Beau Frusetta and his team for launching the first Gangplank original product.

In 30 days he was able to flesh out his idea, get a great design together and roll out the first set of features for this beta. This is quite an accomplishment for both he and Gangplank’s incubator.

I’m proud of Beau for sticking with it and not punching me in the face for all of the constant pressure. It’s an amazing accomplishment, and we look forward to all of the feedback you all have. If you are interested in a beta invitation, contact Beau at beau@datedesigner.com.

Many people start but few people make it to this point. Congratulations Beau!