Gangplank Academy: iPhone 101 Class Part 2


We had a good time during the last iPhone 101 class.  It was far from perfect, but people really got a lot out of pair programming as a learning technique to explore iPhone development.  There were lots of requests to have another class so we are happy to announce iPhone 101 Part 2 (sign up) is up on deck.  Monday, March 08th at 6:30pm we will be the next session.  Saul Mora of Magical Panda will be the presenter.

Gangplank Academy: iPhone Programming 101

Want to learn Objective-C for iPhone development? Now is your chance. We will be putting on a basic iPhone development class.

There is no charge, but you will be expected to participate. There will be a quick overview of Xcode and Objective-C and then we will go right into pair programming a sample application.

It is assumed you will know basics about programming.