Jay Roger’s Brown Bag

Local Motors CEO and Co-Founder, Jay Rogers, was kind enough to come share his vision of the future of the car industry with us last month. Rogers explained the traditional model of car building and how that model is no longer sustainable. He shared the history of Local Motors, as well as how open-source car design localizes a vehicle and involves the purchaser in the process. Below is his presentation for your enjoyment. Local Motors will be hosting an Open House for their new factory in Phoenix at the end of July. Check back for details about the event.

Jay Rogers

Gangplank Jr First Lego League Kickoff


Gangplank is putting together a First LEGO League robotics team. Lead by LEGO master, Gary Howard! This will be the kick off event. The team will be assembled and training regularly to get ready for the FLL event in the Fall.
Join Us for the Kick Off Event.

Official team will be ages 9 to 14, but if you have a child 6 to 8 we are looking at offering something non-official for them. If you know someone that might want to be a mentor please let them know as well.

Programming, Circuitry, Arduino, Robotics and Bakugan

What a crazy mix!  We recently put on a Desert Code Camp Jr event as part of Gangplank Jr.  The morning started off by letting kids create their own programs using the Scratch programming environment from MIT.  Then we had a multi-bracket Bakugan tournament with some seriously cool Bakugan prizes for the top three ranked players.  During the tournament kids and adults snarfed on Pizza and got a mental break.


After lunch the kids got to make pipe cleaner bugs.  Then the group (over 30 kids) split into two groups.  One group went to a lecture by @DocProfSky, one of their peers, who taught them about Arduino and basic electronic principles.  The other group split off to program Lego NXT Mindstorm robots.  After an hour the groups switched places.  The event ended up being better than expected and we look forward to more in the near future.


First Lego League @ Gangplank

We have been doing some LEGO NXT MindStorm events as part of Gangplank JR.  Last month we had the First LEGO League team from Mesa Academy in to present in preparation for their run at Regionals.  They ended up winning Regionals and going on to State.  This solidified for us that we definitely need to be putting together a formal First LEGO League team.  We would like to assemble teams for Ages 6 – 9,  Ages 9 – 14,  Ages 14 – 18.  If you are interested in getting involved please let us know.