#WxSW Unconference – SXSW for the rest of us

So you didn’t make it to SXSW this year. Instead of lamenting and/or complaining about the people tweeting non-stop about whomever they’re next to or what sponsored party they’re at, join us for an unconference designed to share ideas, get shit done, have fun and spend some quality time.

This Saturday, March 12, #WxSW Unconference (not to be confused with the awesome WXSW Tucson music festival next week and weekend) will convene from 5pm to midnight (feel free to show up and leave anytime between then) right here at Gangplank. We ask that you bring a dish of some kind to share, a project you may need help with, a hankering to play NFL Blitz or NBA Jam and a desire to learn something new.

Maybe we’ll have music. Maybe we’ll have a live VoiceMuze editing session. Maybe HeatSyncLabs will show up and let us cut things with lasers. Maybe we’ll live stream with someone at SXSW. Anything could happen.

Starting at 7pm, we’ll have presentations by attendees. Exact times are not yet confirmed, but the lineup thus far will be:

Kathy Jacobs – How Social Media Changed Peer to Peer Support
Tyler Hurst – How To Make Blogging Your Bitch

If you’d like to give a short preso, please let me know via tyler@gangplankhq.com. RSVP to the same address.

Kids are welcome.

Kudos to Krystofer Van Slyke for the idea.

Thanks to Drew Manusharow for the logo.