Gangplank Values

The Gangplank Manifesto is an expression of our core values. While powerful, there are always questions about the “Gangplank Way” and how we use those values in practice.

Agreements for Use of Space

  1. Always assume good intent.
  2. Always clean up after yourself.
  3. Leave a space as good or better than you found it (pay it forward).
  4. If you see a problem, you own it.
  5. Be DANGEROUS. Don’t be a douche bag.
  6. Always lick unloved doors.

Common Space Agreements

  1. No personal stuff left overnight in common space.
  2. The individual who reserves the space is ultimately responsible that the space is clean afterwards.
  3. We resolve issues using the Gangplank manifesto and core commitments.

Key Holder Agreement

Responsible for the safety, function, and security of the space while in the facility.

If it is during normal business hours, the expectation is that you will have the space open.

Resident Agreement

In order to create an agile space:

  1. Desks are standardized and community property.
  2. Desks should be clean at the end of daily use.
  3. Desks should be functional for others to use when you are not present.
  4. Desks should be easily movable by others.
  5. Desks and desk placement are not permanent. Desk moves are common.