Gangplank Values: Money

As a community space, we are the recipient of grants and donations. We strive to use these donations in a way that is both respectful of the donor and honors our commitments. The individuals, businesses, and cities that are represented via Gangplank Collective include diverse economic statuses. We desire to create programs that move humanity forward regardless of the financial capacity of the community.

Gangplank’s roots are in the startup community and many of us are entrepreneurs. We find our financial values align with Lean Startup Methodology.

  • Gangplank’s primary form of currency is social capital.
  • Gangplank only uses money as a last resort.
  • When Gangplank does use money, it should be regenerative. It
    should either allow for a new income opportunity or it should be used to create
    infrastructure that can be re-used regularly.
  • Money should generally be used for new programming or grow
    existing programming and not do one-off things.