Gangplank is a place for creators. When diverse backgrounds and ideas collide, those moments provide the necessary fuel to innovate. Gangplank provides the infrastructure, both physical and social, for this to happen. We serve as a place for people to explore their creativity, then challenge them to build their ideas into a viable startup – forging a vibrant economy in the process.

Collaborative workspace

Gangplank is more than coworking. We believe that the creative class should focus on collaboration over competition, and that ideas should be shared freely. Our open workspace reflects that. There are no physical or cultural barriers to sharing your ideas, your questions and your passions. We believe that small businesses, micro-businesses, and freelancers, bridged together in common cause, will be the core of this revolution.

Gangplank is about collaboration. We connect creators with each other and with the larger community. We are a community that embraces having fun at work as well as collaborating with others. We provide both a place to work and an event venue. However, it isn’t about the building. It is about the community. We provide the infrastructure and medicines. A place to connect. A place to build authentic relationships. A place to learn and a place to teach. A place to share ideas, experience, and knowledge. What makes Gangplank unique is that we are run off social capital. This means that every member of our community contributes to make Gangplank what it is. We do not charge a monetary fee, but rather ask that you give back through time, talent, and relationships. Gangplankers give back both by engaging the person at the desk next to them and by engaging in their city. Gangplankers give MORE than money. Gangplankers disrupt the status quo and create better communities. Still not sure what Gangplank is? Gangplank means something a little different to each of us. We have an entire website devoted to videos of Gangplankers sharing what it means to them. Check out