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3D Printing Classes

3D printing classes

Gangplank Queen Creek offers affordable 3D printing classes that teach both the fundamentals of 3D printing, slicers and their settings, basic 3D modeling (using programs that are free or paid), troubleshooting and advanced modeling techniques.

If you’re interested in signing up yourself, your teen, or your group, please contact us below for information on our next class.

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Let’s get you set up for your 3D printing classes!

For all classes, you’ll need to bring a laptop with one of each of the following categories of software already installed. You can also use others, so find what’s best for you.

All students should also know how –and have system/user permission to– download files, locate saved files, and save to a USB drive independently.

Slicers we recommend:


Modeling programs we recommend:




Choose a model to work with (fundamentals class)

you’ll use this to practice slicing and printing during our class.

Other models may be printed with the instructor’s permission if reviewed prior to class –we have a limited amount of print time during our class sessions.

Articulated slug

an articulated, printed slug hanging over a person's finger

This print will teach you how to scale a model, the importance of a good first layer, and how joints can be printed in place.

Credit: 8ran on Thingiverse

Animal crossing fossil

an animal crossing fossil that can fit in the pit of your hand

This print will teach you how to orient a model on the bed, the importance of top layers, and how layer heights affect top surface details.

brunothebruno on Thingiverse.

emergency whistle

two kinds of emergency whistles piled together with lanyards

This print will teach you about functional prints, the importance of hearty walls, and how strong your eardrums are. THESE WHISTLES ARE LOUD. Ages12+

Credit: Mechlimere on Thingiverse

Other resources

Special thank you to the Lyndhurst STEM Club in New Jersey for the thoughtful suggestion of adding this glossary as a resource to other 3D printing learners. In it, you’ll learn about some of the popular 3D printing terms you’ll hear used when learning or troubleshooting.