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Cosplay Contest Rules

The hulkbuster standing in an alley outside a brick building with construction equipment behind him

Whether you’re a seasoned cosplayer or just starting out, we’re thrilled to have you join our cosplay community. Get ready to showcase your passion, talent, and love for all things cosplay!

Age Requirement:

Hey there! If you’re under 13, make sure to get your parent or guardian’s permission before joining. They must also accompany you during judging, rehearsal, and the contest.

Agreement to Rules:

By signing up for this contest, you’re agreeing to read and follow all the rules we’ve posted. If you don’t, it could lead to disqualification or other consequences. We really don’t want things to get awkward or uncomfortable, so please, let’s all be on the same page!

Right to Refuse Entry:

Just so you know, our cosplay staff (or any Library or Town staff, really) have the right to deny entry or participation to anyone, for any reason. We also reserve the right not to explain our decision if things get difficult.


Cosplay and costumes should cover the same areas as acceptable swimwear in public. Open or exposed backs are allowed.

Dance Belts & Underwear:

Please make sure your costume covers all your bits to avoid any awkward conversations with our security team. Dance belts, underwear, or nude body suits are recommended for revealing costumes.

Sharp Edges:

Your cosplay should not have any sharp edges that could accidentally injure someone. Cover or dull all sharp parts properly.

Oversized Cosplay:

If your costume is large and may make it hard to move, you should have at least one person to help you navigate the event safely. This includes costumes with wings or large pieces that extend far from your body.


When posing for photos, move to the side to avoid blocking foot traffic. If there’s no open area, move against a wall to allow others to pass freely.

Body Glitter:

Glitter and body paint must be sealed to prevent shedding and transfer.


Accessories that attach people together, even temporarily, are not allowed.

Hate Symbols or Words:

Do not display any words, signs, or symbols that promote hate or discrimination.


Signs should not contain hate speech or provoke arguments.

Official Personnel Uniforms:

Do not impersonate local law enforcement, safety personnel, or venue staff.


Wear shoes or adhesive foot coverings to protect your feet.


Bikes, skateboards, and other wheeled items are allowed outside but not inside buildings or in crowded areas.

Props & Weapons Policy:


Prop, Curio, Replica, and Toy Firearms

Functionality: Props, curios, replicas, or toys capable of firing must have their action or mechanism disabled.

  • Airsoft, Nerf, and Paintball Weapons: These must be disabled, and no air puffs or discharges should be detected during testing.
  • Tampering: Any tampering with toy or replica weapons to restore functionality is not allowed.
  • Orange Tip: It’s illegal to black out or remove the blaze orange tip from any toy or replica weapon.


Once approved, prop, model, or replica firearms must remain holstered, slung, or stowed unless posing for pictures or in cosplay events.


Under no circumstances should any prop, toy, or replica firearm be pointed at attendees or staff. Violators may be charged with “Disorderly Conduct.”

Props and Prop Weapons Overview

Definition: Props are items carried as part of a cosplay not designed to represent a weapon.
Prop weapons are inert items designed to appear as a weapon, either fantastic or realistic.

Staffs and Canes: Must be carried in a vertical position when moving through any event space.

Oversized Props: May be directed to weapons check to ensure safe handling practices.

Bladed Weapons: Must be sheathed and peace-tied. No flourishes or displays of skill are allowed.

Bubble Guns: Not permitted due to carpet staining.

Squirt Guns: Must be empty and the trigger disabled.

Blunt Force Prop Weapons

Definition: Clubs or any blunt force weapons designed to inflict serious bodily injury or death are not allowed.
No maces, morningstars, nightsticks, Black Jacks, nunchaku, flail, axes, clubs, etc.

Allowed Props: Prop, foam, practice, and lightweight replicas are allowed if safely carried and stowed.

Weapons Check

Mandatory Items:

Realistic or formerly functioning prop, replica, or toy firearms; metal swords, bladed, or rigid weapons; bows and (non-functioning) crossbows; any replica, practice, or foam blunt force weapons.

Not Mandatory:

Walking and mage staffs, shepherd crooks, or canes; fantasy-based, inert, or harmless props, weapons, and firearms; training and practice firearms; sports equipment carried as part of a cosplay.

Remember, any prop or weapon may be subjected to weapons check at the discretion of our staff or law enforcement personnel. Let’s keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone!.

Laws & Regulations:

Follow all laws and regulations, including federal, state, and local laws.

Right of Refusal:

We reserve the right to refuse any cosplay or costume for any reason. If asked, please change or put away parts of your cosplay or costume.

Event Conduct Guidelines

Behavior: Please be respectful to other entrants and judges. Disruptive or unruly behavior during pre-judging, backstage, or the contest is not allowed and may lead to disqualification.

Content Rating: The Main Cosplay Contest is rated Teen. Let’s keep it fun and friendly—avoid severely offensive language and overt sexual humor. Be witty, not crude. Our cosplay staff will use their discretion to judge the appropriateness of your material.

Costume Policy: All costumes must adhere to our cosplay, costume, and dress policy. If your costume doesn’t meet these guidelines, you may be asked to change or may not be permitted to participate on stage.

Judging Process: Judges cannot discuss the judging process or results. Please refrain from attempting to influence them with bribery—our judges are incorruptible!

Construction Requirement: To be eligible for an award, 75% of your cosplay must be constructed or altered by you. If you’re modeling a cosplay made by someone else, they must be present with you at sign-in.

Purchased or Commissioned Cosplays: Cosplays that have been purchased or commissioned are not eligible for awards.

Skill Divisions: Entrants must enter the appropriate skill division. If judges determine that you’re above the skill level of the division you entered, you’ll be moved up. Intentionally entering a lower class than your skill level isn’t cool and may result in consequences.

Stage Presence: Entrants must be able to enter and exit the stage quickly on their own. If your costume or prop is too large for you to manage alone, you may bring a handler. Our cosplay staff cannot provide handlers.

Failure to comply may result in your removal from the event. Let’s all have a safe and enjoyable time!