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Awesome Stuff

We make and do lots of awesome stuff here at Gangplank. Check out some of our businesses, projects, and community organizations we serve.

Hulkbuster – Guy Parrulli

In 2018, Guy set out to create an epic Hulkbuster costume, and like everything he does, he exceeded all expectations. Take a look at the making of –and the ridiculously cool final outcome of– his Hulkbuster project:


Height: 8 feet
Weight: 60 lbs.
Material: 40 EVA foam floor mats and
1 Popeye’s chicken mashed potato container (with lid)
Build Time: 200 hours
Paint: 3 qts. latex paint
Adhesive: 1.5 gallons contact cement
Hardware: drywall stilts, shoulder harness, PVC inner support frame
Tech: Arduino board for fans, lights, and sound effects

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In 2018, Lisa Dalton created a set of 3D printed reusable braille labels for another Gangplanker, Bryan, and at his urging, developed them into an internationally distributed product, available to all blind or visually impaired folks. Lisa has been very fortunate and won 3rd place at Gangplank Chandler’s Pitch the Plank (2018), was the youngest business ever interviewed on NPR’s How I Built This (2019, 2020) and won the 2020 Louis Braille Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation. Lisa manufactures all CanDo reusable braille labels here at Gangplank and teaches 3D printing classes to others as a way of giving back.

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Azog the Defiler – Guy Parrulli & Lisa Dalton

For Halloween this past year, Guy and Lisa decided to bring The Hobbit’s Azog the Defiler to Gangplank with this 7.5′ tall 3D printed statue. They launched Magnetic Pigeon Head together to make large scale statues for municipal, commercial, and private clients.


Height: 7.5 feet
Weight: 20 lbs.
Material: PLA filament, EVA foam floor mats, pleather
Build Time: 200 hours
Paint: primer, and acrylic airbrush paint
Adhesive: contact cement

Come see azog in person before he’s sold.

Organizations We support

Quilting Angels & JR Quilters

Happiness is a warm handmade quilt.

Both of these quilting organizations serve Queen Creek and surrounding communities by lovingly making and delivering handmade quilts, scarves, bags, and other items to people in need. We are so happy to be able to support them with our classroom space.

Donations of materials, batting, and notions are always accepted and more information can be found on the Quilting Angels Facebook page here.

CPR and First Aid Instruction – Latosha Reed

CPR and First Aid classes are held multiple times a week at Gangplank Queen Creek. Latosha Reed instructs teaches classes on lifesaving measures through the American Heart Association. For more information, please visit the American Heart Association site and search 85142 for a list of classes.