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Inkscape Classes

inkscape classes – Will resume in october 2024

Our instructor for our Inkscape classes is relocating temporarily until mid-October 2024. Please try again then.

Gangplank offers Inkscape classes for use with our CNC router (X-carve), our vinyl cutter, or our laser engraver. Inkscape is a free, vector-based art program that can create the paths needed for laser cutting, engraving, simple CNC routing, and vinyl cutting.

Classes are 2 hours long and cost $20 – cash only.

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Let’s get you set up for your Inkscape classes!

For all classes, you’ll need to bring a laptop with Inkscape already installed.

Media Files for Class:

All students should also know how –and have system/user permission to– download files, locate saved files, and save to a USB drive independently.